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Assorted candles available for purchase and flameless candles for rent


Flameless Rentals


Tea lights and votives $.50

Assorted pillar candles $3.00


Candles for Purchase


Yummi 3" floating candles, 8-10hrs burn time $3.00

Yummi votive candles, 10hr burn time $1

Yummi tea light candles (clear cup) 8hr burn time $.50


Generic Pillar candles, all sizes, 20-50hrs burn time $4-6

Generic tea lights, 4 hr burn time $.25

Generic 1.25"-1.75" floating candles, 4-5 hr burn time $1.50

Generic chandelier candles, 7"-13", 6-12hrs burn time $1


Candles are only available in conjunction with purchase of a rental package


Candles are also only available in shades of ivory or white. That's okay though - Lazy Rustic Brides know those are the only colors they'd want anyhow!


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